Friday, October 10, 2008

Moby Dick, Rashomon Open to (Even More) Interpretation


Rashomon is not a Jewish New Year celebration that is open to multiple interpretations but rather Akira Kurosawa’s classic film about conflicting accounts of a crime — and, perhaps unwisely, Hollywood is reportedly about to turn it into a courtroom drama called Rashomon 2010.

That’s not all — they’re also planning a Moby Dick movie in which the whale is a more-visible, Jaws-like foe and Ahab a charismatic hero — directed by the Russian director who gave us the goofy action film Wanted. Maybe he should cast Putin, who’s been appearing in manly martial arts training films and the like lately anyway and obviously has people killed, if not whales. The whale might be seen to represent NATO (North Atlantic, etc. — makes perfect sense)

I’ll say it again: after next year, I’m just sticking with four familiar franchises to save myself time and trouble: Hobbit (two more films), Potter (three more films counting the one in 2009), Narnia (three more films), and Avengers (about four more films before the first ensemble one in 2011 — I mean “Assemble!!”). That’s more than enough nerd-film for an adult — and for one lifetime.

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