Saturday, October 18, 2008

Josh Brolin, Cowboy Antihero


If people think Josh Brolin is playing a rightwing cowboy antihero onscreen this month — in W. — wait until they see his next role: DC Comics’ grim and frighteningly disfigured cowboy, Jonah Hex.  And the current comic book series is now explaining (after decades) why exactly Hex wears a Confederate uniform.

I suspect the left-leaning writers (the same ones who turned the Freedom Fighters I love into living figures of mostly-left political satire in two miniseries) will depict Hex as more or less an anti-racist who wears the uniform as a (punk-like) deliberate effort to make himself a social outcast or something like that — but regardless, if we end up with a huge box office hit in a year or so featuring a loner Confederate while in the real world having a black president, that should make for some cautiously-written, irony-filled entertainment-section articles.

But speaking of p.c.: tomorrow I promise to write about Brown University (as part of my Book Selection entry, about David Lipsky’s Three Thousand Dollars), and I won’t mention comics again during the remainder of the Month of Horror, I promise.


Michael Bates said...

There’s a blog called Matching Dragoons which is mainly about Jonah Hex but also covers old comic book ads and old comics in general. A recent entry reviewed the Jonah Hex’s appearance in the Jan. 1982 issue of Justice League of America.

Jacob T. Levy said...

“I won’t mention comics again during the remainder of the Month of Horror, I promise. ”

That sounds like a challenge to the rest of us– can we bait Todd into mentioning comics again, by saying stuff in a comments thread that he can’t resist responding to?

Mark said...

I don’t know if the confederate uniform will be as important when doing a film adaptation – the character is “unknown” as far as larger audiences go, so Neveldine and Taylor, the auteurs who made Crank and wrote Pathology, are getting a (mostly) blank canvass to work on. As long as they keep the facial scars, I think they’ll working safely within “the look” established for the character.