Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Giant Spider! Robot Dog!

Yesterday, I mentioned a weird arthropod-gizmo (and drugs) — so as a sort of sequel, I offer you this video clip of a real, gigantic, mechanical spider lumbering through city streets.  Maybe that infamous battle against a giant spider meant to climax the Kevin Smith 1990s Superman movie that never got made could happen in the real world after all.

Speaking of Superman (and addictive substances), despite my brief relapse into comics collecting during DC’s “Final Crisis” event, the release schedule for the three associated miniseries I’m buying has been sufficiently slow that when I buy a couple issues next week, it will have been a month and a half since my last fix — a month and a half without knowing what diabolical, multiverse-wrecking villains Darkseid, Time Trapper (who graced yesterday’s entry), or Gog are up to.

A week from today will also see me glimpsing more giant, wacky gizmos, I expect — at the annual Breakthrough Awards hosted by Popular Mechanics.  Perhaps someone should pay me to write about it.  It was at one year’s Breakthrough Awards ceremony that I saw that creepy, spider-like robot dog in action with the naked eye.

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