Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Away in Other (Altered) States for a Few Days

I’m mostly away until Monday the 27th — and don’t assume I’ll blog or see e-mail until then, though I’ll occasionally check home phone messages.  While away, I’ll attend a Phillips Foundation gathering and see today’s Princeton panel about prospects for liberal-libertarian collaboration, which will include Jacob Levy (useful instruction for the imminent period of one-party Democratic rule).

Jacob also happens to be one of the two people (the other being Dawn Eden, who I saw at Mark Cunningham and Aurelie Uhlmann’s lovely wedding last week) to send me a link to this amusingly dubbed-over version of the “Take on Me” video by a-ha (who, like bell hooks, k.d. lang, and sometimes e.e. cummings, apparently technically lack capitals).  Here, for good measure, is Family Guy’s reworking of that a-ha video.

(And here is a-ha’s other great song, “The Sun Always Shines on TV,” too infrequently played.)

The climax of the “Take on Me” video, I long ago noticed, owes a great deal to the harrowing final scene of the 1980 psychedelics-and-evolution thriller Altered States.  That film’s trippiest sequence (I don’t think I realized just how overtly druggy the whole movie was back when I was ten), though, is probably this one, with the lizard-woman-Sphinx.

Perhaps I will return from my journey similarly transformed.

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