Thursday, February 13, 2014

Death, Kittens, Twerking, Neoconservatism, and the Beatles

•And if that juxtaposition doesn’t offend you, maybe you can handle the dancing faux-Nixon and faux-Kissinger in this lavish, shocking fifteen-minute Beatles tribute (also featuring the original Jesus Christ Superstar understudy and Patti LaBelle in a giant spider web, among other wonders) from the 1977 Rolling Stone TV special.

•On a briefer and simpler note, there’s Jonathan Mann’s song “Kittens in Space.”

•...which is certainly a happier tune than this one he sang at a dying woman’s bedside.

•And if after that one you want to go back to happy kittens, here’s an excellent wacky-animals montage I mostly hadn’t seen before.

•But death and music remain intertwined because Maggie Estep has passed away at age fifty of a heart attack, likely to remain best remembered for this ditty about street harassment.

•And if that still doesn’t make you sad, maybe Billy Ray Cyrus and rapper Buck 22’s hiphop remake of “Achy Breaky Heart” will (h/t Gerard Perry).  Its video is full of (quality) twerking.  Like daughter, like father. 

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Eric Hanneken said...

I was going to suggest that Ayn Rand Institute-affiliated Objectivists might qualify as neocon libertarians, but they're too much in favor of small government. They've never made peace with the welfare state, and I can't imagine Leonard Peikoff ever setting a "national greatness" goal for the U.S. government, as David Brooks and Bill Kristol did.