Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Brains, Rob Ford, and Rand Paul

•The brain -- and the extent to which it can be trained -- is the topic at tonight’s Empiricist League (doors 7:30, lectures 8) if you care to join me at 594 Union Ave. in Williamsburg.

•Someone should study the effects on the brain of this ten-minute loop of Toronto mayor Rob Ford dancing to “Butterfly” (h/t Carl Oberg).

•Misguided liberal-tarians try to turn defeat into victory by redefining libertarianism downward.  Rand Paul is changing the world instead of changing libertarianism, selling social conservatives on the message of liberty (h/t Corie Whalen), one of the most important possible transformations in a nation where the largest ideological bloc is socially conservative/fiscally conservative voters.

As I have long bet, I think it’s going to prove far harder to teach the left economics than to teach the right tolerance. 

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