Monday, February 17, 2014

6 Serious and/or Silly Links

Snowden arranges to reveal everything everywhere if anything happens, roughly speaking.

Yet another leftist fakes a “bigotry” incident, since that’s where moral credibility, or at least political power, comes from these days.

That online story about an employee and boss fighting via cue cards was apparently fake, but, like Kyle Smith, I enjoyed the surprisingly nuanced new RoboCop’s tale of a corporation and a man struggling for control of a soul.

The non-singer guy from Soft Cell co-founded a band called the Grid that did an electronica/banjo song called “Swamp Thing.”  (I didn’t say it was good.)

Behold Wolverine Cat.

And I know everyone already loves Louis CK, but I think this hour of his might be my favorite long stand-up show ever.

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