Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm Boycotting All Future Avengers Films (to Punish Joss Whedon): #WheDONT

It's just as well that the Iron Man 3 trailer is uninspiring.  Because I won't be seeing any more Avengers movies, and I'll bet I'm not the only one. 

Life is short, so when I saw this characteristically mildly clever but infinitely smug, zombie-themed anti-Romney clip by Joss Whedon, you know what I did?  I crossed all the future Avengers movies off my to-see list (yeah, I have one). 

That's right, all the way through Ant-Man in 2015 (that's six movies).  Plus the SHIELD TV series.  Oh, I'm sure they'll be fine, but again, life's too short, and I don't plan to spend even a moment of it wondering whether Whedon will use the Cosmic Cube as a metaphor for clean, renewable green energy or what have you.  Plenty of other films out there.  This frees up almost half my moviegoing schedule. 

You might want to make a note of that, Marvel.  And Disney.  And ABC.

It's important to show one's willingness to make sacrifices once in a while, and we non-leftists put up with an awful lot of crap in the culture fueled by ignorance like Whedon's about basic economics.  Until we decide we've had enough.

Joss, learn some economics to go with your teenage snark.  A little sarcasm is no substitute for a lot of wisdom.  It never was, much as I've tried to tolerate the ever-increasing snark, snideness, Maher-ism, Gawkering, "negging," and all-around pro-jerkiness of the culture.  Just a tiny, tiny dash of humility, by contrast -- unpopular a virtue as that is these days -- might cause you to question prevailing pro-government, anti-market narratives.  

And you know the real irony here?  I'm not even voting for Romney.  I'm voting for Gary Johnson.  I just think you're an idiot.  And a disgrace to the anti-government principles implicit in Firefly.

UPDATE: On Twitter, my Whedon boycott can now be noted or retweeted using the hashtag #WheDONT.

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