Saturday, September 3, 2011

Macho and Failing, from GOP to ATHF

The living distraction that is Sarah Palin seems unlikely to run for president.  Half the country thinks she’s a joke (you need at least some crossover appeal to win, always), three quarters of Republicans don’t want her to run, she makes money just being a celebrity, and according to the latest Fox poll of likely GOP voters she’s part of the amazingly unpopular single-digit gang of about ten GOP presidential candidates who simply aren’t catching fire.

She’s polling at 8 – 8! – and all the other GOP candidates besides Perry (26) and Romney (18) are lower than she is!  I know it’s early, but you’d think just by random chance, one of the others would be having a shinier day in the sun.  But no.  Again, it’s early, but can we just accept a Perry/Romney ticket and skip the year-long pain to come?

Palin need not retire from public life, of course.  I think she’s too macho to do that.  (In fact, I suggest she build a special arena for her speeches and sporting activities called the Palindrome, full of “haras.”)  But machismo can make you ridiculous.  Witness:

•This badass criminal athletics prof who sounds oddly like a cross between an FX series and an AMC series.

•A drunk and overly-manly Carl demonstrating rock music to Greek sirens, in a thirty-second scene summing up three thousand years of Western history.

•His neighbor Master Shake in a racially-shocking Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 sequence.

On a more serious note, though: tomorrow, a look at a truly tough and heroic gal, the heroine of Connie Willis’s novel Doomsday, using her rustic survival skills on a time travel trip to medieval England.

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