Monday, March 14, 2011

S/he Will Speak for Us Both, S/he Will Speak for Us All

Here's a transsexual professor, Deirdre McCloskey, with whom I once sang a Guns N' Roses song, giving a superb hour-long lecture on the rise -- and underrated importance -- of bourgeois virtue.  I'm not saying the sex change is the most important thing, but you have to love the irony (or what many would superficially see as irony). 

Once more, the commercial wisdom of the Dutch (who I mentioned yesterday on Facebook) is relevant.  As I've noted before, today's global trade is in some sense built on an older American trading order, built upon a still older British trading order, built upon an even older Dutch trading order, for which coffee made from beans that had been eaten and defecated by civet cats was a crucial commodity.  

Anti-globalization, then, is both anti-coffee and anti-ass.  Regardless: trade is nice, and it actually makes us nicer in the process, despite what some say. 

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