Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yom Komics and Defenders of the Macroverse

If I haven’t collected comics for over a year but I buy just two this week — and show some old issues to a comics editor friend — and then I feel a bit guilty about indulging in the old addiction, can I declare it a Yom Kippur thing?

The meta-nostalgic items out this week that are tempting me to do so are DC Legacies #5 by Len Wein and George Perez, recounting the 1985 Crisis, and a Justice Society of America Special depicting the events of the apocalyptic 90s series Kingdom Come finally beginning to unfold in present-day, with the antihero Magog poised to inspire a dark new generation of rougher, black-clad, punk, cyborg superheroes. It will all end in tears and anti-matter, I know.

Then it’s back to politics and other sophisticated intellectual activities, I swear — like recruiting someone to defend the discipline of macroeconomics in a bar debate on Sept. 23 against econ teacher Saif Ammous, who calls it all a mere fiction, if you know anyone willing to do that. Surely someone out there thinks macro is more real than, say, the Justice League’s evil doppelgangers the Crime Syndicate are, right? If so, send them my way today.

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