Thursday, September 2, 2010

Eat, Punk, Laugh

Food notes:

•The band Team Robespierre, earlier this year, recalled an article on “Cooking with Fugazi.”

•Conan O’Brien (sounding oddly like my friend Chuck Blake) announces his new show and how he was bribed with a pizza pie.

•Comic books are occasionally clever, and Marvel not long ago introduced the idea that the planet-eating monster Galactus has a daughter, Galacta, who — though I’m guessing they never quite use the phrase — basically has an eating disorder. (And eating disorders mean it’s back to school time, girls!) To compensate for talk of planet-eating giants, here’s a brief remembrance of my favorite comic from my early-80s childhood, Micronauts.

•Ali Kokmen noted this Times article about freeganism — eating garbage on principle — trying to become mainstream cuisine (“In a Brooklyn neighborhood, a group of ‘friends and co-conspirators’ enjoy Grub, a communal dinner made from wasted food recovered from the trash…”). It’s spreading like the Walking Dead virus, people.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of Micronauts, are you, or were you ever, a fan of the Kansas band "The Mortal Micronotz?"