Friday, September 24, 2010

Freedom from Government, from Crime, from Gangstas, and from Physics

Tomorrow’s Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano (first airing 10am Eastern on Fox Business Network) is perhaps our feistiest yet, but even if it weren’t, it sounds like it would be better than certain other judge-related TV shows on the air, such as Outlaw, much as one hates to condemn anything Conan O’Brien executive-produced (I still wish his crime comedy Lookwell, featuring Adam West as a has-been actor who naively thinks he can solve crimes, had survived more than one airing).

Poised somewhere in between these things, I suppose, is the use of Patti Ann Browne as the “gangsta” correspondent on Fox’s late-night show Red Eye.  Brilliant.

P.S. Then again, maybe we all just need another dose of the space funk.  Thus, once more, the opening credits of Space: 1999.


jenny said...

I think I need to diagram that first sentence.

Tim Watson said...

sort of like one of my hashes