Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weezer, Weiner, Ron Paul

My colleague Austin Petersen notes an “Autotune the News” short featuring NY’s Rep. Weiner, Texas’s Rep. Ron Paul, and Weezer, which isn’t a combo you see every day.

You know, I was in my early twenties when Weezer got big.  They do not seem ancient somehow and so perhaps have pulled off the trick that Bowie, Prince, and R.E.M. were once adept at of seeming continually-emerging, as I believe Dave Whitney once put it.  The lead singer looks like he knows he’s a rock star now, though, which we all know is a betrayal of their nerd roots.  (And how big an influence did they have in making nerdiness a hipness option, if we could quantify it, I wonder?  Historians may record that it was them, Tarantino, and Matrix that did it, yielding much of Brooklyn.)

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