Wednesday, September 22, 2010

N'Dour-ing the Senegalese Government and P.C.

If you need reminders that music is inherently good, government inherently evil, check out this story about Youssou N’Dour being hassled by the Senegalese government and this story about the South African band Freshlyground being hassled by the terrible government of Zimbabwe (whose ludicrous leader Mugabe was scheduled to address the U.N. this weekl).

On a less depressing note, my friend Bretigne Shaffer has a piece up about the destructive error of calling normal, free, and prosperous people “privileged.”  Never having forgotten my four years of dealing with Marxist, French-theory-addled Brown students, I know how insidious such p.c. labeling can be.

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Tim Watson said...

who says that it is necessarily impossible for people in

currently poorer nations to grow to much more

“privileged” living?