Monday, April 12, 2010

What Happens in Vegas Dies in the Icy Cold of Space

The Star Trek Experience (the ride/funhouse/theatre/bar in Las Vegas) is no more, and its parts are being auctioned off, including Picard’s command chair.  I was there in the mid-00s and even have a photograph of myself drinking a Warp Core Breach, with a souvenir Starfleet teddy bear I dubbed Tibearius propped up next to me.  Don’t think me immature, though — when Tibearius got hammered, I was the one to relieve him of command, in keeping with Starfleet protocols.  Stuffed animals can’t hold their Romulan ale.


Todd Seavey said...

In response, Andrew Corsello reminds me of these three brain-hurting minutes:

33 Things: The Week’s Amusing & Intriguing Links — Evangelical Outpost said...

[...] 15. Let their be weeping and gnashing of teeth: the Star Trek Experience is over. On the other hand, Captain Picard’s chair is for sale… (HT Todd Seavey) [...]