Sunday, April 11, 2010

1,001 Seaveyan Media Activities

Or rather, in this 1,001st blog entry, I hereby announce my plan to use this site henceforth for something more like one weekly essay — and, to compensate, by 2010’s end, I hope to be focused on this Top Ten Things To Do list of expanded media activities:

•TV news writer/producer (the real job, in so far as TV is real, starting April 19)
•An essay in a major upcoming conservative anthology book
•If that’s well received, a real book (or at least a pitch)
•Twitter (forgive me, with tweets daily — punk- or politics-related, lyrical, and, yes, grammatical)
•Facebook (avec moi et mes amis, le deluge — I have long avoided any electronic social networking, so don’t be fooled by that other entry with my name and the URL containing 100000229244383 on Facebook, which is not me)
•Much shorter blog entries here, except for roughly weekly long ones including the book reviews and ongoing announcements of…
•…the monthly Debates at Lolita Bar (including our rare field trips away from the bar, as on Cinco de Mayo May Day 2010, when I hope to read a Rand speech at Columbia)
•The separate monthly gatherings of the Manhattans Project, now at Langan’s (join us) — and spelled slightly differently
•Another comic book script, too long delayed (my apologies to my patient collaborator)
•And, in time, podcasts.

If all of that leaves me a burnt-out shell of a man who gets bad about returning e-mails, remember all that I’m juggling (and be grateful I don’t have kids or any normal hobbies).


Sean Dougherty said...

Thank you for moving the project back to the West Side.

Dave said...

Are you writing for a specific show?

Ken Silber said...

There is a certain oblique quality to these announcements, such that I seem to know less about what Todd is doing than before I read them.

Todd Seavey said...

I’d like to save the specific announcements for a couple months from now, when the plans are clearer and there’s less risk of me jumping the gun on formal publicity.

In the meantime, here again is my Reason piece on Malcolm McLaren’s death:

And the lovely Helen points out a Dan “Tory Anarchist” McCarthy blog entry featuring a fantastic McLaren interview excerpt:

And on a vaguely-related note, Jacob Levy points out the odd fact that a British fourteen-year-old girl dancing in her room to anime theme songs is now big in Japan:

If I get around to doing those podcasts, I will have to follow through on my idea of dressing my parents’ cats up as astronauts and putting them in “pageants.”

Barbara Green said...

WRT Facebook’s other Todd Seaveys – yes, by now there’s more than one – not to worry, we didn’t think you were the man behind the e-curtain. Nowhere on any of their (admittedly minimalist) “public” info pages was the Performance Art Film Bulletin mentioned.