Thursday, April 22, 2010

Et Tu, DC Comics?

It wouldn’t be Earth Day without news of a leftist comic book story set in the UK or written by a UK writer.

Jacob Levy sends another important geek alert: my core philosophy, the very source of this blog’s slogan and an impending book chapter by the same title, has been depicted as a force of evil in a comic book from DC Comics! Hellblazer’s John Constantine (as written by Peter Milligan, in issue #266) learns that young punks are being duped into becoming capitalists, and thus conservatives, by the belief that anarchism leads logically to radical free-market beliefs. Great story idea — except of course that this philosophical leap is true and good. Has Milligan been reading my blog? (He can’t have read and reacted to my piece on Malcolm McLaren so quickly, at least.)

If he has been reading my blog, perhaps he should instead read my neighbor Carey’s new blog about food. She also sings for money but does not pretend to be a punk (combine her loungey stylings with punk, though, and I suppose it’d average out to something like Elvis Costello, who I’ll see in concert tomorrow, as it happens).

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