Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Before Tax Day, Brightest Day

Comic books kept getting progressively “darker” during the three decades I read them, but if (for some sick reason), you’d like to try picking up the habit at a turning point when things may be headed in a more optimistic direction, Wednesday one week from today sees the publication (and delivery to your local comic book store) of Brightest Day #0 (yes, zero) from DC Comics.  It’s the prelude to a twenty-six-issue biweekly maxiseries by that name but is also a sampler of where DC Comics’ characters’ lives stand now — and it comes after a year’s worth of comics in which those characters experienced dark things indeed, fighting an army of zombies that included some of their loved ones.

With the zombie menace vanquished, some familiar old characters including Aquaman have apparently been brought back to life in the good sense, so now’s your big chance to see what they do next (all the resurrected characters seem like ones who might well have resurrected themselves eventually anyway, due to their various mind-over-matter or over-time or over-energy powers — except Captain Boomerang, who’s just a guy with Boomerangs, but I suppose Boomerangs always come back).  Again, I’m off the stuff — for almost a year now, just to save time — but there’s no reason I can’t push the habit on others.  Go on, you might enjoy it.

(Actually, I did pick up the final issue of the zombie war series, Blackest Night, I admit, and I think I’ll give a copy of Brightest Day #0 to Sandy and Nicole Partowidjojo, the same couple to whom I gave Blackest Night #0 one year ago on their first anniversary, since they’d incorporated the phrase “in brightest day, in blackest night” into the vows used at their wedding in Bali, at my suggestion, that phrase — and the titles of the two comics — having been taken from Green Lantern’s vow.)

As for whether a miraculous restoration from morbidity to health is in your future, find out tonight (8pm) at Lolita Bar as we debate ObamaCare!


Nick said...

Whenever I think of comics now, I think of Nelson from the Simpsons groaning at the lameness of a comic entitled, “The Death of Sad Sack”.

Characters are always dying then miraculously coming back to life a la Bobby on “Dallas” (it…was a dream etc.). So, zombies are, really, perfect comic material.

Someone needs to hunt down the man who invented Comic Book Guy and knight him or something. He’s an absolute fucking national treasure who deserves a parade. It may have been the horrible attitude of comic book store employees that drove me to novels word books in the first place.

Spot on.

Todd Seavey said...

After this most recent dozen resurrections in the DC Universe (and related events including the destruction of a being who was partly-alive, partly-death-itself), Green Lantern opines that he thinks “dead is dead” from here on — and they certainly mean to imply that. We shall see, of course.

Of course, death didn’t prevent Elongated Man and his wife Sue from becoming ghost detectives.

Jacob T. Levy said...

“Again, I’m off the stuff — for almost a year now, just to save time.”

I’m pretty sure you spend more time reading wikipedia entries and comics message boards and writing e-mails and blogposts about comics than I do walking two blocks to my comics shop, buying ‘em, and reading ‘em!