Monday, April 26, 2010

ObamaCare Debate audio

Download audio of the full Debate at Lolita Bar from April 7 (on “ObamaCare: Triumph or Doom?” with Bryan Harris and Gerard Perry) — and watch this site for tomorrow’s announcement of the room number and directions for our next event: a special Saturday, May 1 (4pm) gathering at Columbia featuring me reading an Ayn Rand speech.

(Audio courtesy of Michel Evanchik)


Brain said...

The dull roar you hear in the background is the air conditioner.

This was one of our more entertaining debates, even if it did turn out to be Harris versus Everyone. I felt bad that Mr Perry did not get more time to speak, because his understanding of the subject was very solid and eloquently stated. His concluding remarks were very illustrative, if surprisingly anti-tort-reform.

And, of course, Hitler was brought up in the debate, though in away I had not heard before. First prize goes to the first person to correctly state when it happened in the debate.

E5 said...

Are you going to drinking skeptically tonight?

I’d e-mail you but i have about 3 e-mails for you and not sure if any of them are current.

Todd Seavey said...

No, but I endorse the event.