Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tonight's Israel Debate, Last Month's Egg Panel, and the Oil War

Tonight’s our big Debate at Lolita Bar on the heated Israeli/Palestinian conflict (with Muhammed Rum vs. Hannah Meyers).

Last month, though, saw our convivial panel discussion (too flippant for HuffingtonPost’s Melissa Lafsky) about women selling their eggs, and nothing goes better with fertilized eggs than Weiner pictures — pictures of our lovely panel by J.D. Weiner, that is!  (Panelist Diana Fleischman notes that panelist Kerry Howley wore yellow and white and thus looked extra eggy.)

Speaking of Arianna Huffington, I’ll bet this early book of hers — back before she was married — is a trip.  What was she ever doing on the right in the first place, you ask?  Seeking a largely spiritual new “politics of meaning,” like Michael Lerner, I’d say.  Very 1970s.

Meanwhile, in Washington, DC, Dawn Eden (like me, a still-alert thirty-nine years old) heard an even more historic debate and blogged about it: the Republicans’ lights-out conversation on the House floor, in defiance of Speaker Pelosi, about whether to drill more for oil* — and, yes, one of the representatives does invoke the 1980s sitcom Sledge Hammer, in case you were wondering.

*Basic economic factoid: when you have more of something, it costs less.  Basic media factoid: if you read a lot of articles purporting to dispel basic laws of economics, no matter how artfully worded, you live in a world where media has become fully decoupled from reality, possibly to left-wing ends.

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