Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama-Biden vs. McCain-Uhhh...

I think it would’ve been gauche for McCain to announce his running mate today, when Obama’s doing his whole Sermon on the Mount/Zeus in Clash of the Titans thing.

Worse, though, on any day, would be McCain announcing that his running mate were Lieberman or Huckabee. I expressed my dread of the former on Sunday and my dread of the latter in the comment thread of this entry on Karol Sheinin’s blog.

Then I think about ways Romney could go wrong, and it’s like the primaries all over again but more depressing this time because there’s no more time for zigzagging and uncertainty.

Then I remember I’m voting for Barr and things get brighter for a moment — then dark again.


Mark said...

I feel ambivalent about Barr. If I could vote, I’d either put a little check mark next to Barr’s name or write in Ron Paul

Jason Bontrager said...

I’m hoping he’ll pick Sarah Palin (R – AK) or Kay Bailey Hutchison (R – TX). Either one would make it much easier to capture the Hillary voters, and either one would make a good Presidential candidate in 2012.

Todd Seavey said...

My own thinking (for exactly twenty-four more hours anyway) is that for reasons I don’t fully understand Romney alienates independents whereas relatively harmless (and fiscally-OK) Pawlenty helps in the Midwest, where HALF the toss-up states are, so probably Pawlenty (much as I might ideologically prefer a last-minute draft of Richard Epstein).