Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2008 vs. “2012”


Watching this week’s Democratic convention tie itself into politically-correct knots trying to make the whole production “green” (not to mention all-union) has of course been hilarious — but it should never be forgotten that these uptight, rule-making, obsessive nitwits want desperately to govern us all in the same Kafkaesque fashion. The Democrats are not freedom-lovers. They are petty totalitarians. If you want to be green on your own hippie commune, I have no quarrel with you. Use fines and taxes and ultimately threats of jail time for non-compliance (it has happened) to make the rest of us green, and you’re a thug — likely one who isn’t having much impact on the Earth anyway.

A perfect example of how doomsday-environmentalism has become interchangeable with mystical apocalypse predictions is the fact that Roland Emmerich (himself hardly all that green, given his notoriously gaudy house full of stuffed zebra heads and the like), who directed the laughable (but Al Gore-praised) climate-change thriller The Day After Tomorrow — not to mention the goofy prehistoric adventure 10,000 B.C. — is next doing the mystical-apocalypse, Mayan-“prophecy”-inspired 2012, about the world ending in 2012, with even more disasters in it than in The Day After Tomorrow.

I guess you could say 10,000 + the day after tomorrow = 2012 = box office gold!

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