Sunday, August 10, 2008

Muslim Terrorism vs. Random House, Mormon Sex-Slaver vs. Dog-Cloning Press


The story about Random House canceling plans to publish the novel Jewel of Medina (about Mohammed’s most important wife) is alarming (assuming it’s not a publicity stunt), as is the relatively little press attention it seems to have gotten.

I guess we will henceforth passively accept a Muslim terrorist veto over American publishing the way we accept, say, the right of the politically-correct to seize campus buildings or the right of the U.S. government to forbid anonymous political campaign ads in the months preceding an election. Who needs freedom, as long as everyone agrees to roll over quietly, thereby proving they never put much stock in freedom in the first place?

On another Middle East-related (though more nuanced and less directly religious) note, I should note that our Debate at Lolita Bar this coming Wednesday (8pm) will now pit Muhammed Rum against Hannah Meyers (formerly of the Hudson Institute among other things), Pamela Geller having had to bow out. It’ll still be awesome.

In religious/polygamous news of a decidedly more Western-sounding kind, I was very entertained by the story of a woman who had her beloved dog Booger cloned in South Korea only to have the press hound her (no pun intended) afterwards when she was recognized as a purported Mormon sex-slaver (having supposedly worked with an accomplice to tie up and rape a man in a sixteenth-century-style love cabin decades ago) who skipped bail and eluded recognition by pretending, with her accomplice, to be deaf-mute Irish actors.

I think this amazing story should be the basis of a whole new chapter in the Book of Mormon — and possibly a replacement novel for that gap in Random House’s catalogue.

UPDATE 8/11/08: I was about ready to declare the clone/fugitive story the greatest dog-related story of all time, but the item linked by Drudge today about a giant inflatable dog turd causing chaos in Switzerland may have it beat.

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