Friday, August 22, 2008

Nader on Obama


I think the most surprising part of that article about Nader predicting Obama will pick Hillary for his running mate is that Nader says Obama’s second-smartest pick would be Sam Nunn. Nader says Nunn would provide foreign policy heft and help in Georgia (the U.S. Georgia, where both Green Party prez candidate Cynthia McKinney and Libertarian Party prez candidate Bob Barr happen to dwell).

I’m sort of impressed that Nader isn’t too left-ideological to like centrist Nunn (though Nunn is an anti-nuke-proliferation expert and environmentalist on his left-leaning days).

I think a lot of political-fringe guys have a soft spot for moderate “bipartisan” people because the bipartisan people, too, are defying the usual two-party two-step. So, “crazy” and “sane” have a lot in common, by some measures.

That makes one suspect that things are a lot more politically flexible, over the long haul, than they superficially appear. Will we see the Global Christian-Green Party vs. the Pro-Technology Militarist-Isolationist Party in the 2020 election, with the (predominantly lesbian) La Raza/Constitutionalist Party the wild card? Don’t say it can’t happen.

UPDATE 8/22/08 4:55pm: Irony note: If Obama picks Biden, I doubledare Biden to say in his opening comments about it, “I wish to repeat my earlier statement from the primaries that it’s nice to see a clean black man running for office.”  And on an even more petty note, I can’t imagine Obama picking Rep. Chet Edwards and risking voters thinking “Obama and EDWARDS?”

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