Thursday, February 7, 2008

French Elite, Atheist Manifesto

Meanwhile, in France, things are different among the political elites.

Whereas here, in the U.S., politicians on both sides of the aisle — and even this year’s most prominent libertarian — now bend over backwards to say nice things about religion and faith, in France, the president, Nicolas Sarkozy, has co-written at least one article of which I am aware with Europe’s best-known promoter of atheism, philosopher Michel Onfray.

Tonight, I hope to post a brief review of Onfray’s Atheist Manifesto, which gets to the heart of the matter during this blog’s “Month Without God.”

Think of the situation in France:

•Market-friendly, relatively pro-U.S. president who was notoriously drunk at a G8 meeting

•His new wife and former mistress formerly an avowed polyamorist (and model, seen above, as well as a good singer) — who has been called “libertarian” by the UK Guardian

•His co-writer a militant — and I mean militant — atheist who wants to see religion ended completely

In short: France is practically run by Ayn Rand characters now.


Tim said...

Speaking of Ayn Rand, it might be interesting if Holly

popped up. Maybe she is too busy. Does she know

about your web page?

Sorry about my posts – they seem to pop up far sloppier

than I thought I composed them.

Todd Seavey said...

This isn’t a social-networking site, though, Tim. I don’t promise anything but _me_, blathering about the same philosophical topics, over and over again, at the risk of sounding obsessive.

Sarah Federman said...

Looks like I am going at a good time