Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super-Debaters Wednesday, Part 1: An Edwards Afterthought


I’m too lazy to go back and look up the polls, but if my previous examination of them was correct, the Dem who fared best in general-election surveys was actually…Edwards! Can we draw any possible conclusion from this other than that moderate-and-conservative voters, who weren’t voting in the Dem primaries, like white guys more than they like women and blacks, even when the white guys are farther left? Or did Edwards appeal to non-left voters simply because they didn’t know (and thus hate) him as well as they did Clinton and Obama?

And where does Ron Paul stand on McCain’s use of the term “gooks”?

(And don’t forget to join us at Lolita Bar at 8pm to discuss it all.)


Ken Silber said...

Todd, you’ve broken your promise never to mention Ron Paul on this blog again.

Todd Seavey said...

One-day exception for primary-fallout asides, in part so I don’t have to type “[and another]” every time the surviving candidates are mentioned. Actually, if you’ll permit me about two more Ron Paul jokes and observations today, I’ll literally not type the name again.

People who feel put upon by the relapse can complain tonight at Lolita Bar.

(I didn’t vote for him, though.)

Christopher said...

I don’t remember a single poll that had Edwards doing better in the general election, but I’m also too lazy to go look it up.

Todd Seavey said...

There were multiple polls, now taken down, listed on RealClearPolitics, that showed Edwards faring best when matched up against likely GOP candidates, whereas Clinton and Obama each came out roughly tied with the hypothetical Republican in most cases — and I admit those same polls did not bode well for my reluctant choice, Romney, if he faces Obama.

But perhaps neither will be in the general election.