Friday, February 8, 2008

Applied Theology from Kat Von D.


Disturbing as the tabloid show TMZ is, I sometimes see its final minutes before Simpsons reruns, so I know that tattoo-artist reality show star Kat Von D. (her real, though abbreviated — and German — name, apparently) appears to have sent an autographed photo of herself to a hated underling after firing him, autographing it with the message “Burn in Hell, Jew-bag,” with a little cartoon of a burning Star of David and a swastika incorporated into her signature.

And I don’t bring this up as a cheap way to insult her apparent belief in Hell or her dim view of his religious heritage but to point out that there’s something to be said aesthetically for a complete lack of subtlety, as any good tattoo artist or carnival poster artist knows.

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