Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super-Debaters Wednesday, Part 4: From Romney to Paul and...Beyond

One last Ron Paul note: the February issue of Reason, which had Ron Paul on the cover, also had an article about another somewhat Ron Paul-like U.S. congressman, though he’s more religious-conservative than libertarian. Still willing to vote against any government activity not outlined in the Constitution, though, which is cool.

All the same, let’s not make him the next focus for a mini-movement.

In the end, it appears Republicans are, for now, going not with a religious conservative or a fiscal conservative but with a hawk — and with an aggressive, unpredictable, perhaps slightly deranged guy instead of a bland doubletalker. Let history decide if that’s the right choice — and whether they should have run on the same ticket.

My webmaster — who will also be, as usual, our moderator tonight (8pm) at Lolita Bar — Michel Evanchik notes at least one man whose vote switched from Romney to Ron Paul, though: an amusingly enraged radio host who makes it civilly all the way through an interview with Romney and then goes berserk over what an arrogant jerk Romney is the moment he’s off the phone and announces his switch in loyalties right there on the spot. Almost revives my fighting spirit to listen to it.

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Koli said...

Bye bye Mitt.

Todd, looks like anyone you pick just never stands a chance


But I’d be lying if I said I’m not happy that you’ll probably pick whoever is running against the Democrats. Given your track record, this might work out for us!