Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super-Debaters Wednesday, Part 3: Wesley Snipes and God

The celebrity who sounds the most like a Ron Paulista in the past couple weeks, by the way, happens to be a black man, despite Paul’s past racial insensitivity: Wesley Snipes, who apparently believes (or at least was taken in by) some Biblically-influenced arguments for the illegality of taxation, leading to his IRS troubles.

I’m pleased to see him acquitted. I’m less pleased that he beat Halle Berry, she says. (And she marks the fourth Catwoman I’ve mentioned on the blog this month — can Michelle Pfeiffer be far behind? And who would win a fight between Catwoman and Blade, if it’s not inappropriate to ask that? Blade, apparently.) Initiating force disqualifies Snipes as a libertarian, so he probably shouldn’t be praised in the next Ron Paul newsletter.

(And don’t forget to join us at Lolita Bar at 8pm to discuss it all.)

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