Monday, July 7, 2014

10 Items to Start a “Week of Racism”

1. Here are three armed robbers who attacked friends of a friend of mine (such is life in New Orleans). Spread this footage to hasten their arrests, if you will.

And the sad thing about it all, to my mind, is that some of you reading this won’t feel comfortable doing so unless I mention that my friend is herself a biracial liberal, at which point maybe you’ll feel vaguely, reluctantly, that that makes it OK to fight violent crime. You are the real race problem, lefty.

2. Since it was really America’s mixed feelings about the collapse of its southern border that inspired this blog’s “Month of (R)evolucion,” and that border crisis is fraught with ethnic tensions, a “Week of Racism” in general may be warranted – meaning a week of mulling the significance of racism, of course, not a week of bigoted epithets. (And after all, it was the Brits against whom the most important revolution celebrated this month was fought.)

3. Scott Eric Kaufman notes another interesting example of urbane liberals stoking the racism to which they pretend to be the only cure: a monthly paper here in NYC supportively profiling President Obama as the “[Expletive] in the White House.”

And it’s not so much liberals being blundering and inept that bothers -- it’s knowing that they simply assume all us libertarians and conservatives must be worse. (We’re not. We’re better.)

4. Liberal gender politics remains stupid, too. Mere days after hearing about Hope Solo being arrested for domestic abuse and a Connecticut feminist getting a slap on the wrist for assaulting a drone operator, we revisit matriarchal violence again for this disturbing clip of white elderly women threatening to rob and beat a beachgoer (h/t Robert Anthony Peters).

You just know from one thief’s scary tone at the end that she, like the Connecticut assailant, still believes she has the moral high ground. After all, a man is using a camera in her vicinity.

5. And we revisit stupid race politics and -- yet again -- matriarchal violence as the Opie & Anthony radio show loses co-host Anthony Cumia, after he’s assaulted by a racist black woman (yelling “white mother------”) and responds with a few angry tweets about violence in the black community that neither the Twittersphere nor his employers could abide.

6. Disturbing, too, and a reminder of how primitive the average citizen’s thinking really is, are the males on Twitter (which is not used exclusively by intellectuals, I must say) siding against Anthony on the grounds that no one beaten by a woman should complain because that’s wimpy.

Also disturbing: the comparatively “normal” women who routinely weigh in on Twitter in blase fashion to say, “Well, yeah, on one hand beating someone is kinda bad, but on the other hand, maybe photo-taking is rude.” These women are a huge part of the problem, like perpetually agnostic halfwits who say: Well, he committed murder, but on the other hand the victim’s outfit was tacky.

(Is there any angle from which liberalism doesn’t look like it’s hastening the death of society here? One Twitter-user gleefully threatened Anthony by saying the real Purge is coming.)

7. I’m afraid it’s time to end the elite liberal tendency to address all these issues only with self-deprecating or ironic humor, very much the preferred, cowardly mode in NYC. There is very real, dead-serious support out there for random acts of violence against people engaged in behavior deemed un-p.c. by ethno-activists and feminists.  So much support that (as is likely in the Connecticut case) there are people walking around now who don’t even know that assault is illegal.

Any male they subjectively deem “creepy” could be the next target. This is not a joke. This is civilization unraveling. 

8. This is why we legally forbid violence and not just every goddam thing that upsets you. In short, this is why we need libertarianism, not liberalism.

9. But just as I am more interested in the destructive role of the liberal elite here than in the behavior of any particular marginal community, I readily agree white crime can be more damaging than black crime, precisely by being more abstract and unseen -- take Elizabeth Warren’s role in creating an agency now scamming taxpayers out of millions for an indoor waterfall and the like (at the misnamed new consumer protection bureau). Of course, you might consider her Native American.

10. Warren is nonetheless, it is rumored, our (more convincingly biracial) President’s handpicked successor, sharing his ties to both Harvard Law School and economic illiteracy. If I were a racist, I might say she’d be an improvement over the current president. I’m not a racist, and, alas, she would not be. 

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Joe B said...

Who gives a fuck if SIRIUS fires Anthony Cumia? As a libertarian I believe that a company has the right to hire and fire anyone they want. You sound like an absolute cunt.