Friday, May 30, 2014

Seavey/Perry on YouTube: Pro and Con Seth MacFarlane (and More)

•Check out Gerard Perry and me talking about A Million Ways to Die in the West and our differences on the merits of the creator of it, Family Guy, and Ted: Seth MacFarlane.

•There are juvenile, irreverent things that only stupid people laugh at, but there are also juvenile, irreverent things that smart people ought to laugh at. This old Batman comic about “Joker’s Boner Crimes,” for instance, never gets old (h/t mature Jeremy Kareken). I hope this will be the basic plot of the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with Ben Affleck in two years.

Jesus once played cricket while walking on water (h/t Iain Murray). THIS IS WHAT ARMENIANS ACTUALLY BELIEVE (not really; stop picking on the Armenians).

•Sometimes the simple things, like the clip “Kitten Goes Berserk Over Handkerchief,” deserve more views.

•I hope I’ll see similar antics when I visit my parents and their pets Salty and Mac this weekend -- but if nothing else, when I get back next week I’ll clean, truly clean, my own apartment and then post another Seavey/Perry clip, about Maleficent.

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