Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Reminders That the World Is Nuts

Make no mistake about it, I want the entire government privatized, including police, courts, and the military -- but I am probably more willing than some of my anarchist kin to acknowledge that there are evil forces out there in the world who would still have to be confronted by private soldiers if there were no government-funded ones.

So, on this Memorial Day, while I will resist waxing poetic about past and current wars, I’ll just link to this reminder that radical Muslims (to take just one example of many) can be nuts -- specifically, here, a Hamas kids’ show encouraging the murder of all Jews -- and for that matter so can TV debaters in the comparatively friendly nation of Jordan.

The world will still be bonkers with or without the U.S. government in it, and pausing to remember that will be my subtle nod to Memorial Day.

P.S. And lest I seem to be singling out one faith for criticism, note that you should be able to find me in the audience at Beauty Bar (14th between 2nd and 3rd) tonight at 8pm, where (for free) you can hear Michael Malice serve as one of the readers of wacky Bible passages (admittedly rewritten for comic effect) in David Tuchman’s irreverent recurring show. 

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