Monday, October 21, 2013

Dionysium “Paleo” Debate TONIGHT: Poised Between God and Beasts

Tonight’s big 8pm debate at Muchmore’s (2 Havemeyer St., near the very first L stop into Brooklyn, Bedford Ave.) asking “Should We Eat More Meat?” will be moderated by me (and argued by John Durant and Allen Salkin, seen nearby) but guided in part by the audience’s questions (join us).

Given the animal-eating implications, there are a few subsets of the community it’d be interesting to have present:

Vegans: Clearly, vegans would oppose eating more meat.  They even oppose using animal-related products such as cheese, unlike the cheese enthusiast who wrote the fourth Oct. 18 article visible at the revealing site BuzzfeedMinusGIFs. (h/t Ed Krayewski).

Hunters: For contrast.

Otherkin: Virtually anytime intellectuals talk about culture, rather than just law, they easily veer into assuming that Priority #1 must be: preaching some form of open-mindedness, tolerance, and/or relativism. 

By contrast, I think trying to prevent the culture from producing videos like this may need to be a much higher priority (though solely through voluntary means, such as the all-important institution of shaming).  I suspect such videos will be happening with a growing frequency as more of these folk claim to be “animal-identifying” or spiritually connected to wolves, etc.

SIDENOTE: Things could of course be weirder than the otherkin.  In this video, for instance, Astral Bob reminds one and all to remain calm while exiting astral projection (“stay frosty,” says Bob -- and there’s just something so action-movie about that, as though the hippies should shout, “This is it!  We’re goin’ in!!”).

And today is the thirty-fifth anniversary of the Valentich UFO disappearance, for those keeping track of such things.  

Franciscans: How nice to the animals should we be?  The folks at the Catholic church across the street from Muchmore’s might have an interesting perspective.

More about St. Francis and his ilk in the near future, though, as I blog about Chesterton’s take on him.  Tonight belongs to DIONYSUS. 

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