Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dionysium 11/11: For Which Puritans Are We Least Thankful?

•Vandals out to defend Judaeo-Christian tradition painted the word “blasphemer” on the home of one of our Nov. 11 Dionysium speakers over his bawdy rewrite of Genesis.

•Islam has inspired totalitarians and terrorists abroad and what some see as “creeping Sharia” in U.S. enclaves.

•Ex-Sandinista and nanny state politician De Blasio says he likes Bloomberg’s idea for a ban on giant soda servings, and the bans Bloomberg already enforced probably aren’t going anywhere. 

So this holiday season, the Dionysium asks: “For Which Puritans Are We Least Thankful?”

Making the case against the three factions noted above will be, respectively:

Matthew Stillman, author of Genesis Deflowered

Gerard Perry, writer of the blog American Rattlesnake

Jim Lesczynski, author of the libertarian novel The Walton Street Tycoons

It’s all moderated by straight-laced New England extract Todd Seavey, with ample Q&A and audience discussion from you, Monday, Nov. 11 (8pm) at:

The Muchmore’s performance space/bar, 2 Havemeyer St. at the corner of N. 9th St. in Williamsburg (just an easy three-block walk east of the very first L subway stop after Manhattan, the Bedford Ave. stop).

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