Monday, January 28, 2013

Tegan and Sara (plus Martin Short: conservative punk)

Lesbians are in some ways like males, except if you tell them you’re pleased to hear Halle Berry dipped her breast in a bowl of guacamole for a scene in Movie 43, you cannot be as confident about how they’ll react as you would about a group of males. 

Nonetheless, I expect to feel at one with the likely lesbian-filled crowd tonight when I see Tegan and Sara (they are twin lesbian Canadians, but I just like their catchy little indie-pop numbers).  Interestingly, in what I suspect is a carefully-planned PR move, I think their more-poppy most recent video is both more-lesbian-seeming and more-randomly-sexual-in-general, perhaps reflecting their (or their managers’) awareness of both a growing lesbian and a growing non-lesbian following. 

Entertainers don’t want to look either too bold or too timid, but they try to cover their bases when they can, understandably. 

On what may be a more brazenly subversive note here’s SCTV doing punk in 1983 – pretty accurately – with Martin Short on vocals, John Candy on drums, and Eugene Levy introducing.  Intriguingly – if Short, who is conservative (and Canadian) – wrote the lyrics himself, both war-making and taxes are attacked in the song, an all too rare combo in real rock. 

Was Martin Short the first real conservative punk?


Matt B said...

Wait, did not know about this Halle Berry guacatitty business. Who's arranging movie night? And what Mexican restaurant should we hit up after (with plenty of women, of course)?
Lesbians welcome.

Todd Seavey said...

Tragically, one report suggests that she ended up wearing a boobie prosthesis in the pivotal scene. But we will always have that scene in _Monster's Ball_.

Todd Seavey said...

Phooey. And the Tegan and Sara concert's delayed "due to illness." All is in ruins.

Kevin Walsh said...

A thing of genius. Candy looks like a Cenobite.