Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gawker helps criminals decide where to strike

The vile, evil assholes at Gawker just ran a list of all NYC's gun-owners. Note that this was even after we all learned the hard way that the Journal News pulling the same stunt in a smaller town meant exposing, for example, women relocated and hiding from stalkers -- and possessing guns for protection for precisely that reason.

Amidst people who probably think me extreme, I have in fact kept a very civil tongue and striven for a moderate tone for two decades, while most of the liberals inhabiting this troubled city around me slowly but surely convince themselves that they can harm, regulate, jail, or attack anyone they choose, so long as they do it snarkily, thus (they mistakenly think) demonstrating their moral and intellectual superiority.

They are vicious children, and perhaps now they'll get someone killed. And still they will think they are better than those stupid Republicans. We are reaching the limits of what can be addressed with tolerance and good humor.

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Anonymous said...

Would Gawker do this for sex offenders (the registry can be accessed online by anyone)?

If you recall, people who dared to make financial contributions in support of Proposition 8 in California also had their home addresses and phone numbers posted and then received harassing and threatening phone calls and emails from Prop 8 opponents.

Anyone who takes a public stand in defiance of leftist orthodoxy can expect to receive some type of abuse online or even in person.