Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 Masculine/Feminine/New Wave Links

This abortion ad seems like an icky, callous approach to the issue (h/t John Zmirak).

•Meanwhile: where to begin?

•Women being allowed in frontline combat roles by the U.S. makes now a good time to revisit the book The Kinder Gentler Military about how standards and behaviors sometimes get ratcheted downward (sometimes amidst actual weeping at hearings) to keep the newcomers happy, with the question of whether death will result being rendered secondary (it was written by my friend Stephanie Gutmann, who will likely weigh in on the matter again now). 

This Mazzy Star performance from 1994 seems gentle and girly (h/t TibbieX).

•The singer was busy that year, because she was also in Jesus and Mary Chain (h/t Dave Whitney).

Prog rock like newly-defunct Mars Volta seems to be more of a guy thing most of the time (h/t Andrew Kirell).

•I doubt we should believe a guy who called a press conference to talk about smoking crack and having gay sex with Obama, but it makes for an amusing transcript (h/t Bruce Majors).

•A woman tired of female tech writers’ appearance being commented on decided to retaliate by encouraging comments on males’ appearance – and I think the real evidence that (like many feminists) she doesn’t understand the asymmetry of the genders is that she seems to think positive comments will still freak males out (h/t Janet Harvey). 

•No, no, no – read your evolutionary psychology, feminists, then notice the world for the first time.  You’re the ones terrified of icky unworthy suitors; males dream of thousands of options (long gestation time vs. frequent sperm production – there’s no getting around them).  Not clear why you feel politically obligated to pretend otherwise, but such is the chosen foundation of your political house of cards.

•Honestly never one to care much about machismo one way or the other, I was raised by effete New Wave videos – but especially fond of the more easily forgotten songs that weren’t quite New Wave, hovering somewhere on the border of classic rock, like Paul Young’s “Come Back and Stay” (h/t myself – and I’ll continue a trilogy of almost-New-Wave links tomorrow and Saturday).

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Unknown said...

Larry Sinclair has a second book coming out. He certainly has an unusual and checkered past. A silk stocking Chicago law firm was hired to suppress his first book. And some anonymous bloggers at something called The Regulator Too are devoted to reducing his credibility.