Monday, November 12, 2012

Dionysium tonight, Todd TV Friday, Bond and Wachowskis forever

•I enjoyed both Cloud Atlas and Skyfall, though the latter’s nicely-done opening-credits music sequence reminded me that the previous Bond movie started with one of Jack White’s biggest mistakes – and a side effect was that we never heard the song Shirley Bassey recorded for Quantum of Solace, which would have been #4 for the aged Ms. Bassey, and that’d be kinda cool. 

The year’s cinematic espionage isn’t over for me, though – now to see Argo and, next month, Zero Dark Thirty, about spies fighting Iranians and bin Laden, respectively.

•That reminds me: this week brings both Veteran’s Day and Islamic New Year, so tonight is the perfect time to join us at Muchmore’s (tonight at 9:30 at 2 Havemeyer St. near the Bedford Ave. stop in Williamsburg) for a multi-faction DIONYSIUM panel reacting to the election: Occupy participant Karanja “Speshul K” Gacuca (privately favoring Obama), Maine GOP senatorial candidate’s daughter Tricia Summers, Lawyers for Obama co-founder Vijay Dewan, and Libertarian Party writer for Gary Johnson Jeremy Kareken.

•I will mainly just be moderating, though it is tempting to weigh in and note how badly we need education in economics to prevent disasters like Obama (or, for example, Bush) from happening.  These are just a few obscure Twitter users, but see how they take potential layoffs caused by Obamacare as a sign that the businesses involved are simply slackers and shirkers – rather than economic agents striving always to make as much money as they can under adverse conditions.  This is Soviet thinking, and I no longer think it likely to lead to non-Soviet ends. 

In short: if economic regulations have consequences, liberals say: shoot the messenger, not the regulators.  No longer profitable for you to keep hiring people?  You should do it anyway.  You thought you went into business because there was the chance to profit?  Nope, your new job is to keep doing what you do even when it’s not worth it to you, to keep up appearances and make Obama look good.  Your employees don’t come in to work out of charity, but you should keep striving to come up with ways to cope with increasingly burdensome regulations just out of a sense of public duty.  There isn’t much hope for this country until far more people learn basic econ. 

I’m reminded that a purported “comedienne” who unfriended me has been exulting for days online about how Obama being reelected means evil Republicans being justly harmed and means cultural and economic bigotry taking a hit and – as if responding to price signals is another version of hating gay people.  (Moved your business to another state so you could survive the tax burden and expand instead of contract?  Want well-run private schools instead of badly-run government ones?  You must hate the poor, you monster.  Liberals have the obviously-best policies, after all, so it can’t be that you honestly disagree with them.) 

I admit that I (far more plausibly yet far more reluctantly) do worry that by trying to treat leftists civilly in the decades during which I’ve lived among them in the Northeast, I’ve contributed to the harm these people do instead of enlightening them – but I by contrast will keep at it instead of cutting them off.  Cut them off and I might accomplish nothing at all.

•In fact, I’ll surely talk to a leftist or two when I give my own reactions to the election (and to tonight’s Dionysium panel) on the Web show Rew and Who?  And you can watch me doing so here or live and in person (say hello) this Friday at 5:15 Eastern at Branded Saloon (at 603 Vanderbilt Ave. at the corner of Bergen Ave. in Brooklyn, near the B, Q, and C).  Clips will likely be posted later here.  

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