Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tonight: NASA vs. Lensmen

OK, my Earthlink e-mail seems fine again — and tonight’s Debate at Lolita Bar about NASA just got a little better, too, as I have decided to create a little synergy between this month’s debate and this month’s Book Selection.

That’s right, in order to remind everyone how high the stakes are as we debate the proper way to explore space (public vs. private), I, your humble host, will be reading a couple choice passages from the sci-fi space opera saga that inspired them all, E.E. “Doc” Smith’s (trashy) Lensmen — using a copy formerly possessed by blogger X. Trapnel, let me note.

You should run to be there like an iron ship with inertialess drive, and the women who love them.

OK, I’m feeling good about some things again. Of course, I’m awake at 4am, however briefly, so you know things aren’t perfect.

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