Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Conservative Punk Moves to Wyoming

Libertarian Republican Eric Dondero posts an essay by Michael W. Dean, singer of the punk band Right Arm of Wyoming, who got sick of criminals, liberals, and anti-gun forces in California and then bought guns and pulled up stakes — a heartwarming tale for the holidays (and in the same week, as it happens, that I spoke to a woman who once had the Dead Kennedys crash at her house).

I don’t claim punk conservatism is common — or even that it’s a trend — only that it’s correct.

P.S. Sam Goldman, who I mentioned Monday, occasionally repeats the punkish anarchist slogan “No gods, no masters,” though usually not in his posts on the First Things blog — and I have only recently learned it was the slogan of Margaret Sanger’s birth control and eugenics newsletter circa World War I. Interesting cross-fertilization, so to speak.

ADDENDUM: I have a ticket to give away to a Gogol Bordello concert (they being a Ukrainian, Gypsy-inflected punk band), if anyone wants to claim it and join me, this Sunday 7pm at Webster Hall. Just e-mail my Earthlink address, discernible from my right margin — and be warned I’ll be offline from Christmas morning until the evening of the next day (Saturday), but at that time I’ll then promptly respond to the lucky first claimant (assuming it’s a non-hostile person I know) and will note here that the ticket’s been claimed — if it doesn’t get claimed before then [UPDATE: Ticket claimed!].

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