Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Earthlink Lame, Space Program Debatable

Earthlink (or some subset of it) was down from shortly after noon (Eastern time) today until at least 5pm, and it may still be screwed up.  I think e-mails sent to me (at least during that time) disappeared completely.  They may still be disappearing.

For this week at least, best to use my work address at ACSH, which you can find easily enough by Googling, so I won’t post it here for the junk-mailing masses.

Not only is Earthlink “down,” so is our Lolita Bar debate moderator, Michel Evanchik, he says, at least a bit, so I say show up en masse at our debate there tomorrow (Wed., Dec. 2, 8pm) at 266 Broome St. (on whether to abolish NASA, with Greg Rehmke arguing yes and Ken Silber arguing no) and remind him how much we all appreciate his Socratic-Falstaffian efforts.

This may redound to your benefit in more ways than one, since it may improve the spiritedness of the debate and, since he’s also my webmaster, it may rouse him to remove the hidden html hacker-ads recently slipped stealthily into this site.

Yes, between my e-mail, my site, my webmaster/moderator, and other things we don’t have time to go into, things are just about shot to hell here at ToddSeavey.com.  I almost find myself wishing NASA ran Earthlink, for one thing, and that goes against my core principles.  We can discuss that tomorrow, though.

Next week, I will write at least one entry that is actually on this blog’s ostensible theme of “conservatism for punks,” though, just to make up for the lameness.  Be there.

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