Monday, December 7, 2009

Stossel and Steampunk for All

Today, taking a day off from my real job, I’ll be a stand-in for Nick Gillespie, John Allison, and other libertarian guests on the set of John Stossel’s new hour-long show on Fox Business Channel (the first show being a discussion with Ayn Rand sympathizers).

You can get free tickets to the first three tapings of Stossel yourself by e-mailing StosselTix at FoxNews dot com — but you’ll have to be free for well over two hours in the middle of a workday starting at one of the following times (at 133 W. 47th in NYC):

•Tuesday, 12/8, 12:45, topic: Atlas Shrugged
•Thursday, 12/10, 9:45 AM, topic: global warming
•Thursday, 12/17, 9:45 AM, topic: healthcare reform with John Mackey

I suggested that if they need a contrary voice for the Rand show who’s very pro-market but (like many of us) worried that Rand may not be the best PR for markets, the Stossel team might want to consider my friend Heather Wilhelm, who wrote a Wall Street Journal piece just last week on that idea.

In other hot media news, I’m wasting no time bringing you the steampunk I promised yesterday, since I offer you this link to an Onion-worthy steampunk-themed Op-Toons item.

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Caren said...

I never heard the term “Steampunk” until a month ago and now it’s everywhere! It seems so unlikely that such a thing could become an entire genre, but I guess it did!