Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Megan Fox


Brian Austin Green (from the late, lamented Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) reportedly wanted to play superhero Green Lantern in the movie due out in mid-2011, and he’s producing the movie Fathom (also based on comics) starring his ex Megan Fox as an aquatic superhero who…well, something involving lots of shots of her in a bikini, anyway. I forget the details.

Fox is also playing the zombie in the Diablo Cody-written Jennifer’s Body movie this year, and I assume she’s in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen next month. (I assume that song by Cody’s fellow ex-stripper Courtney Love inspired the Jennifer’s Body title, and if they use the song in the film, that’s cool. It will bring back memories of seeing Love throw Barbie dolls into the audience when I saw her perform at the Stone Pony in the mid-90s.)

I’m not a big fan of the generic-seeming Fox (or countless other generic hot chicks Hollywood briefly exalts), but here, I admit, is a good argument for having cast her in yet another comics-based movie next year, the cowboy saga Jonah Hex. Much the way people who’ve been involved in politics and TV news (myself included, perhaps) start sounding and looking generic to appeal to the broadest possible spectrum, it’s a movie hot chick’s job to appeal at least a little to all of us, not to be any one fan’s quirky dreamgirl, especially with about $200 million worth of computer-animated giant robots invested in a project. C’est la vie.

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