Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Central Park Media No More


I’m writing a piece for Reason in which I’ll mention Chinese-born American actress Bai Ling (she’s “Bai Ling-ual” — ha!), who is a mixed blessing symbolic of our era: a capitalist success story but also a bit wacky and a shoplifter.

Speaking of Asia-related entertainment mixed blessings, pivotal anime-distributing operation Central Park Media — the company that dreamt of world peace through shared pop culture but had a little trouble paying the bills — is going out of business, as noted by ComicBookResources and commented upon by former CPM employee Ali Kokmen (now selling Random House manga) on Heidi MacDonald’s blog.

In other Ali news, he’s contributed hypothetical opening lines of a sequel to Kafka’s Metamorphosis to a project called Book: The Sequel that will make a comedy volume out of people’s hypothetical opening lines to sequels to great works of literature.  You can add lines yourself through May 28 (or “Month of the Nerd II, Day 28,” if you prefer — and that is itself rather sequely, I suppose).

In other writing news, I promise yesterday’s blog entry will have been my most inaccessible to the layman.

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