Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cuddle Party, Sigourney Weaver, and Aliens


It was jarring to hear a line on King of the Hill this past Sunday caused by friends of mine — specifically Reid Mihalko and Marcia Baczynski, inventors, for good or ill, of cuddle parties.  In the sequence, Peggy Hill used Hank’s friends as a test of what things were still hip enough for her to talk about if she wanted to be cool, making a list of those things Hank’s friends hadn’t yet heard of.  Bill had heard of frittatas but not cuddle parties, so cuddle parties made the list.  I’m pretty sure this at least makes me hipper than Peggy Hill, for what it’s worth.

And as a hip guy, it’s nearly time I left this “Month of the Nerd II” behind and moved on to the arguably-cooler “Month of Rock!” for June’s blog entries — so tomorrow, a transitional nerd/rock entry.

I won’t forget nerdy things entirely, of course, even after this month has faded into the past.  For one thing, the rest of 2009 still brings such nerd films as the sixth Harry Potter on July 15, the crime-thriller comic book adaptation Whiteout on Sept. 11, the Wachowski-produced and Straczynski-written Ninja Assassin in November, and best of all (I predict) James Cameron’s 3D extraterrestrial war movie Avatar starring Sigourney Weaver in December.  If when all is said and done, 2009 is remembered more as the year of Avatar than the year of Watchmen, Star Trek, or for that matter G.I. Joe, I won’t be at all surprised.  What would be really impressive is if we come to look upon the Alien movies as mere warm-ups for Avatar.  You have to have hope.

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