Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Greenberg, DC, DC, and the Sea


Today and part of tomorrow, I’m in DC with the Phillips Foundation.  With Democrats contributing to our economic woes (like FDR before them, merely getting us deeper in doodoo, with their doodoo economics, as it were) and Republicans coming up with vacuous responses like going out for pizza (when they should simply adopt the popular Tea Party protest cause of opposing government spending, always), where can the populace turn?

Luckily, there is at least one heroic nerd legislator, Arkansas State Representative Dan Greenberg, who still remembers the issue numbers of Justice League stories from his childhood (having once skateboarded around his school in a cape or something like that, as I recall), yet is also sane enough to realize that building a high-tech floating artificial island as a means of founding a free nation may not be the shortest route to liberty, a position for which he has taken some heat from pro-artificial-island Patri Friedman in a Cato online debate.

If Dan really wanted to show his nerd colors, of course, his comeback to Friedman should be: Haven’t the villainous efforts of Black Manta taught us the folly of trying to live in the ocean as a political protest?  More about the Legion of Doom tomorrow.

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