Monday, April 21, 2008

Prez Candidates on WWE "Monday Night Raw" Tonight


The prez candidates will be on WWE’s Monday Night Raw wrestling show tonight with wrestling-style boasts about their chances for victory.

Doesn’t this seem to demand a response from a certain former governor of Minnesota, professional wrestler, Predator-fighter, and Reform Party icon with populist/libertarian leanings who’s already been toying with the idea of a presidential run? Is the WWE setting up the mainstream candidates for an inevitable takedown by Jesse Ventura?

If by any chance a Bob “Loose Cannon” Barr/Jesse “The Mind” Ventura ticket arises, the thinking man’s choice in November is clear (fun though it is to see McCain up five points over either Democrat in current general-election polls).

And Ventura might then get the endorsement of his old Predator co-star and current California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then the can’t-fail four-step plan for victory falls smoothly into place: (4) Barr, (3) professional wrestling, (2) cyborg governator, (1) Angelina Jolie. Countdown to final abolition of government…

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D------ said...

As I recall, Ventura was the Predator’s second victim–after the Sgt. Rock comic-reading Hawkins.

Anyway, wasn’t Ventura a disappointment as Minnesota Gov.? He didn’t even try to run for a second term.

Ventura was a better commentator than wrestler as this classic demonstrates,