Monday, April 28, 2008

DEBATE AT LOLITA BAR: Should Manhattan Streets Have Congestion Pricing?

Go, New York driver, go!  Next week, regardless of whether you see Speed Racer, you must see a debate on New York’s hottest automotive topic (and one that sources say may yet be revived by Mayor Bloomberg with special help from Gov. Paterson):

Should Manhattan Streets Have Congestion Pricing?

YES: Charles Komanoff, economist who has prominently weighed in on transportation, energy, and environment issues throughout the City’s long congestion pricing battle (see his writing at

NO: Doug Dechert, controversial journalist devoted to “puncturing the pretensions of the plutocrats” who’s irked New York Post with his reporting in New York Press on the Page Six corruption scandals (see the archives of

Moderator: Michel Evanchik

Host: Todd Seavey

Wed., May 7 (8pm) at Lolita Bar, basement level, 266 Broome St. at Allen St. (one block south and three west of the Delancey St. subway stop).  Free admission, cash bar.

Will the mysterious Racer X attend?  (What about the mysterious Prof. X or Tibbie X?)  Regardless, we’ll gather to settle the question that has some people wondering if they’ll soon be priced off Manhattan streets — and others worried that the alternative is being crowded off them, along with their more space-saving and eco-friendly bicycles.

Where do you stand, pedal, or put it in neutral?

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