Tuesday, November 26, 2013

10 Revisionist Media/Politics Notes

1. That story about the anti-gay note on a restaurant receipt?  A total fabrication (like so many leftist martyr tales).  See the evidence and see the unhappy-seeming lesbian waitress confronted about it here.

2. Actor Woody Harrelson’s dad really was a Mob hitman and once claimed to have been involved in the JFK assassination (he looked a lot like one of the “three tramps” arrested in Dallas that day).  But the truly creepy thing is just his resemblance to Woody Harrelson, as in this prison video clip (Woody and Oliver Stone must have discussed all this on the set of Natural Born Killers).

3. John Stossel seems just slightly annoyed with a representative “Bleeding Heart Libertarian” for trying to frame the philosophy in terms of “social justice.”  Can you blame him?  So say we all.

4. Despite the BHL crowd pretending not to have noticed that a left-leaning culture produces bigger government, the UK is rapidly learning to love p.c. totalitarianism.  Just ask the eight-year-olds threatened with permanent “racist” labels by their schools.

5. But, hey, I hate to sound like a radical when I call for all government everywhere to be abolished.  Thank goodness we have a single, government-run system of courts and police, right?  (h/t Matt Pritchard)

Important sidenote on that story: Sade Baderinwa is super-hot and I saw her in Starbucks once.

6. The Duke lacrosse rape accuser was just convicted of murder, several years after she garnered so much support from feminists such as Amanda Marcotte, who called those who doubted the accuser “rape-loving scum.”  (Again: leftist martyr fables have a tendency to turn out to be fabricated.)

9. Not only is Obamacare, like all things government attempts to do from welfare to warfare, incompetent and awful (as conservatives and libertarians warned you it would be), even non-conservative journalist Mark Halperin now confirms it contains “death panels.” 

But go ahead, make more Sarah Palin jokes, half based on things actually said by Tina Fey, if it makes you feel superior.  I’m guessing nothing else does.

10. I used to wonder how members of the left/media establishment slept at night, but I suspect now that I know: with proud, contented smiles on their faces, dreaming of licking the boots of kings.

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Mitch said...

Mark Halperin, apropos "Death Panels": "But I'll say something about that issue. We do need to do some of that in this country, because we can't afford to spend so much on end-of-life care. A very high percentage of our health care spending is for a very small number of people at the last stages of their life."

Of course it's entirely disingenuous to term "rationing" a form of "death panels", as both the interviewer and Halperin do. One is a process for deciding which procedures will be paid for and which are deemed too expensive or inefficient, the latter a sort of star chamber deciding on specific cases.

And it's really odd to think that Obama wasn't forthcoming about it.

But I have long thought that Halperin is a conventional-wisdom-spouting fool.